Essential Grooming Services

Waggers provides a variety of services to keep dogs in top condition.

All of our Essential Grooming Services are by appointment only. Each appointment lasts 3-4 hours and we recommend booking 1-2 weeks in advance in order to get your desired appointment date and time. Early drop-off at 8:15 AM is available upon request. If your dog needs to stay longer than the designated appointment time, please let us know when you are making the appointment- we will do our best to accommodate you. Our general rule of thumb allows for drop off as early as 2 hours before you appointment time and pick-up up to 2 hours after we contact you, so long as we have sufficient kennel space on that particular day.

Spa Grooming Service

Our spa grooming service includes two baths with premium quality shampoos, and conditioner, if needed, the appropriate drying method for your dog, full body trimming or coat work, depending on breed, nail trimming and buffing, ear cleaning, and anal gland expression, if needed.

Bath and Brush Service

This service includes two baths with premium quality shampoos and conditioner, if needed, the appropriate drying method for your dog, brushing and combing, trimming between pads and sanitary trim as needed, nail trimming and buffing, ear cleaning, and anal gland expression if needed. While this is the standard grooming service for short-haired dogs, dogs with longer coats will benefit from our bath and brush service in between grooming appointments.

Light trimming of the face or other areas may be added for an additional fee.

Brush and Comb Out Service

Don’t have time to brush and comb out your dog regularly? This service is ideal for curly-coated dogs or dogs with dense undercoats to prevent matting and control shedding. This service does not include a bath or trimming and must be scheduled within three weeks after a spa grooming or bath and brush service.

De-Shedding Service

Upon request when making your appointment for one of our essential services, let us know if you would like a thorough de-shedding. Waggers will de-shed your pet with a FURminator® tool at no extra cost.

Establishing a Grooming Plan

If you like to keep your dog’s coat longer, or if the coat tangles and mats easily, we recommend a regular grooming schedule. Typically, a four to six week routine is best, alternating between Spa Grooming, Bath and Brush and Brush and Comb Out Services. We can often offer better pricing for dogs who have regularly scheduled appointments since their coats are in better condition. Ask us for a proposal.

About Matted Dog Hair

Brushing out a few tangles is considered part of the grooming process. However, in the event that matting is extensive you can expect to pay an additional fee for removal.

De-Matting Fee: $5.00 per every 15 minutes

In some cases, the matted hair may be so dense and close to the skin that it would be painful to your dog to try to brush and comb them out. Your dog’s comfort and safety is our primary concern, so if your dog is extremely matted, you may want to come in for a free evaluation before scheduling an appointment. We’ll provide you with an honest assessment of what we can or cannot do.

A la Carte Services

Nails, ear cleaning and anal gland expression are included in Spa Grooming and Bath and Brush pricing. These same services, along with teeth brushing may also be performed as stand-alone services. No appointment is necessary for a la carte services, with the exception of our De-Matting service; however, the time frame for receiving these services is from 8:30 AM to 2:30 PM.

• Nail Trimming and Buffing – $14.00
• Ear Cleaning (includes plucking if appropriate) – $8.00
• Anal Gland Expression – $8.00
• Teeth Brushing with grooming $5.00; stand alone $8.00